Fairfax Station Railroad Museum 24th Annual Holiday Train Show 12-5&6-15

During the first weekend of December 2015, I participated, as I have done for 14 years, in the annual holiday model train show at the Fairfax Station Railroad Museum. This is the smallest setup I do every year, using a couple of plywood slabs over a single folding table to squeeze two independent track loops into a ~3x8 foot space. This year I opted to keep things simple, and didn't use a single switch on the entire layout, while normally I include crossovers and sidings. Instead, I relied on some serious scenery for the "wow" factor. I spent a month before the show building a tunnel scene for the far end of the layout, complete with a grade that crested at the visible portal of the tunnel. Building the tunnel took up a huge amount of resources, so the opposite end of the layout was just a bit bare, with only a road crossing and small station to occupy the space. Snow mats and a lit Christmas tree with Lego ornaments and presents rounded out the display.