Fairfax Station Railroad Museum, Labor Day 2017: 9-3-17


My third and last show of my summer 2017 season was at my familiar stomping grounds, the Fairfax Station Railroad Museum. For the past several years when I've shared the space with the Potomac Module Crew, I've been up against an interior wall to the left of the entrance. However, the PMC member who designs their display layouts noted that I was inside to the RIGHT of the door during the annual Holiday Train Show in 2016, and suggested we try me in that same spot for the Labor Day show with them. This gave me a slight increase in square footage, although a bit less access around the layout. I picked a similar track layout to my Greenberg show; two display loops with a passing siding for each to change out consists while a train runs by on the main track.

This show would be my final use of the causeway I built for BrickFair 2017. I built some extra rock faces to smooth over the transitions between the lower table and the raised table, as well as some beach scenes to widen the causeway, which was previously used for a table that was only 3 baseplates wide. I had just enough space to squeeze in a couple of buildings for the town, although I am looking at improving all of my buildings over the course of the next year.

Enjoy the pictures, and thanks for reading!