Fairfax Station Railroad Museum 25th Annual Holiday Train Show 12-3-16

My display at the FSRM Annual Holiday Train Show was a bit of a surprise, as I was moved inside to the main building at the last minute. Typically I am 'outside' in the caboose with roughly 3x8 feet of space to work with, but unfortunately the folks who run the standard gauge tinplate trains fell ill just before the show, meaning that their layout space just inside the door to the museum became available. My only problem was that I didn't have much built to fill the space, but I think I still filled out the few tables rather nicely. The museum provided a large Christmas tree which I put at the far end of the layout, the middle was occupied by my small Christmas tree with a figure-eight loop encircling both. Then two loops ran around the edges of the tables through a small yard, and a small town consisting of a train station, fire station, tree sale lot, warehouse and bridge over the tracks. I got many compliments on the layout, and I was quite pleased I had successfully pulled off a last-minute space change; one of the advantages of using loose track as opposed to pre-built modules with track nailed down is that my setup is extremely flexible! Please enjoy the pictures and video, and thanks for reading!