Amtrak w/ PVs 5-10-16

This is a quick morning catch of two privately owned railcars hitching a ride on the back of Amtrak Northeast Regional train #176. They were both used during the 611 excursions in April and May (I'll have a blog post up about the May 7th trips later) but would not be available for the June excursions. "Wisconsin Valley" and "Super Dome" belong to the Friends of the 261, and began their trek home being moved by a Norfolk Southern locomotive from Roanoke to Lynchburg. At Lynchburg they spent the night on the sidings adjacent to the Amtrak station, and were coupled to the morning's Amtrak regional run. Here they are seen passing through Burke, likely en route to Union Station where they will get switched to a Chicago-bound Amtrak train, for forwarding to Minnesota. Unfortunately, my video camera decided it wasn't interested in working properly today, and then on my way back down the hill to my truck, I slipped and rolled my ankle and ended up missing work for the day! At least I have these pictures to show for it: