B&O RR Museum 7-26-16

A Baltimore & Ohio geep on display out front at the B&O Railroad Museum, with the museum's trademark clerestory roof in the background.

On Tuesday, July 26th, I made my somewhat-annual trip to the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum in Maryland. My nephew was visiting from the west coast, and he enjoyed this museum last year, so we went again! This time, I had a proper camera with me, so I was able to capture a lot of my favorite exhibits with good pictures, which I share here. I also attempted a panorama shot of the roundhouse, which is found between this text and the gallery. Please enjoy the pictures!

I might have liked to spend more time at the B&O museum, but we had to get to lunch so we could make our 3:00 ticket time at the Baltimore Aquarium. As a bonus, I've included some pictures I took of some wildlife in captivity at the museum. Please enjoy, and thank you for checking out my blog!