Ilinois Railway Museum 9-20-15: The Annual Showcase

One year ago, I had the distinct pleasure of visiting the Illinois Railway Museum, which boasts the largest museum collection of rolling stock anywhere in the country. Every September, they hold their annual Museum Showcase, where they get out all the 'good stuff' and run it! 2015 had been a difficult year up to that point, and a visit to such an astounding train museum on a choice day like this was just the ticket. I was especially excited to see Frisco #1630, a 2-10-0 recently returned to service, and the Nebraska Zephyr, an articulated stainless-steel streamliner, both of which were stars of my childhood VHS train tape collection. The museum was also running a Burlington Northern E-unit with CNW bi-levels (quite a nostalgic treat for my mother, who commuted in Chicago for 12 years), a South Shore "Little Joe" electric freight engine, and a plethora of electric interurban and trolley cars.

I spent most of the day bouncing between the station complex, where the passenger trains took turns running out on the main and the Little Joe appeared pulling a photo freight, and exploring the dozen+ barns of vintage railroad equipment. Above is a youtube video featuring clips of the running trains, and below is a gallery of my favorite images from the day. Thanks for reading/watching/looking, and enjoy!