Ethanol Train 1-28-17: NS 64A up the Hill at Fairfax Station

64A roars up the hill through Fairfax Station, VA at sunset.

I'm rather embarrassed  that I haven't updated this blog in several months, but my Fall 2016 was completely packed with four jobs. Thankfully I quit one of those employers at the beginning of 2017, leaving me plenty of time to chase trains! On this particular Saturday, I got wind that 64A, the Ethanol train that serves the transload facility at the former intermodal ramp of Van Dorn Street Yard near Alexandria, VA (pause for breath) had a pair of Union Pacific leaders up front. I decided I would go for a shot I've always wanted but haven't attempted: the Fairfax County Parkway bridges over the tracks and Fairfax Station road. The sun was a bit lower than I would have liked, but I still think the shot turned out very well. The engines were at full throttle tearing up the hill (you could hear them from quite a ways away)and the engineer (a friend of railfans) gave us some horn action as he passed by! I also had the pleasure of meeting some of the neighbors of the tracks, who love trains, and were happy to chat for long enough after 64A passed that I was able to see the Southbound Northeast Regional as well, although unfortunately the video didn't turn out. Anyway, please enjoy the pictures and video of 64A!