Artsy Ashland Morning 4-3-17: Creative-ish shots before a day of chasing!

Before my much-anticipated circus train chase on Monday April 3rd, I had a little more time to kill before the train left Newport News. While I was waiting for trains, I started to read up on railfanning photography tips and, given that I wasn't filming (saving camcorder batteries for the chase!) I was able to focus on taking better still images. It started with CSX Q-401, slowly grinding south after waiting for a northbound train to clear.

Getting trackside in the early morning, there was plenty of fog laying around, and I thought I might attempt to recreate a shot I saw of Amtrak's Auto Train in a book from the 1980's. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the right angle without trees and vehicles blocking too much of the view, and B: the train was running over an hour late. However, this meant that I stood on the sunlit side of the tracks, and I took the opportunity to practice my zoom shots... I'm very satisfied with how this turned out!

Next up was another Amtrak service, who's identity I don't recall. My guess would be a Northeast Regional service, but given that many long-distance Amtraks are now placing their Viewliner baggage & sleeper cars at the back of the train, I can't be certain. Framing turned out nicely though!

Last was a northbound CSX freight. I was too far away from my scanner to hear the train's ID; all I know is that it was quite a long train with some interesting power (the pictures of which didn't turn out well) and a wide variety of freight cars. Apologies for this blog post not being as detailed as others, but such is life. Thanks for reading!