CofG Heritage Unit 7-5-16

Two trains in todays catch, and both were a bit of a surprise! 12R snuck up on me, didn't hear him call any signals coming North and West to my usual spot at Gainesville, but managed to get the tripod set just in time. 12R met 203 not far up the line, and 203 had #8101, the Central of Georgia unit in second, my third catch of a Heritage unit! There was some confusion as to whether this was train 203 or 211, both on the part of the crews, dispatchers, and us railfans. Eventually it was determined that 211 had been terminated and what few cars it had were tacked onto 203. Despite this, various sources of railfan information listed the CofG unit on train 211,  and when 203 arrived at Bristow for a crew change, they were a bit surprised to find no relief crew awaiting them! Both the crew and the dispatcher agreed that this whole mess was beyond their paygrade.